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We offer a variety of ways to help get you set up and using Plaetos like a pro in no time.

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Where all our Quick Start Guides, Facilitator Guides, documentation, troubleshooting tips, participant FAQs, and more, live.

Perfect for learning at your own pace and on your own schedule.

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In-app Tours

Self-paced, short in-app tours get facilitators and participants familiar with using Plaetos quickly. They're perfect for self-starting teams.
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The Plaetos Facilitator Training Program is an on-demand, modular and interactive online course. It gives facilitators all the knowledge and practical skills they need to build, deploy and run successful Plaetos virtual roundtables.

As they gain proficiency, Facilitators will use what they’ve learned in real roundtables with our support. They will then gain their certification and be ready to fly solo.


✓ Modular and interactive

✓ Training and certification for all skill types and levels

✓ Designed with your goals in mind

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