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Workforce Listening Tech for Culture Transformation - White paper

January 2023

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Our latest white paper is now live and available for download.

Find out how Artificial Intelligence is upending workforce survey as the source of truth for understanding corporate culture. And why you should care.

”Top quartile cultures (as measured by McKinsey’s Organisational Health Index) post a return to shareholders 60 percent higher than median companies and 200 percent higher than those in the bottom quartile“.

A strong culture is proven to deliver greater profitability. But this “soft stuff” – the people stuff struggling for hard numbers – is actually really hard. When you have thousands of employees, getting a reliable, accurate-enough, read on true embedded culture is really difficult. Poor data, poor outcomes.

New AI listening tools and techniques can deliver a better truth faster, more usefully and less intrusively.

Culture is defined as ”the integrated sum total of all the formally and informally learned and shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. Culture is habitually implied, not expressly defined, yet it has a profound influence on the people in the organization and shapes how they go about their business of working” Tom Kayser.

Try putting hard numbers around that.

So, to understand culture, you need first to be able to see and understand a mass of amorphous, subtle and nuanced attitudes and behaviors.

You need to hear what people think (and feel), why they do so, and how

they behave as a result.

Words are how thoughts and feelings are seen, so are the manifestations of underlying culture. The good thing is it means they are mappable and potentially measurable if you can see them in the first place.

In this Plaetos white paper, you will discover:

  • Companies with a strong culture are much more profitable than those that don’t

  • Listening technologies that incorporate AI & NLP analysis are beginning to deliver on their promise for culture insight

  • Survey’s ascendancy is under challenge from some of these new technologies.

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