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Unlimited participants

Standard features plus:

Enterprise-grade security

Flexible tenancies

Enterprise integrations

PlaetosEQ™ data viz platform


Up to 5,000 participants


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Free features plus:

Anonymous surveys

Onboarding surveys

Social analytics

Customized invitations



Ideal for small groups


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<500 participants

AI-supported moderation

Comment downloads


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Details of inclusions for each tier are provided below. 

Enterprise Standard Free
Description A flexible and powerful deployment that includes our PlaetosEQ™ data vis platform

A fully featured solution for any medium-sized organization that needs named and anonymous discussions

A good starting point for up to 500 participants if you don't need anonymity

Core features
AI-assisted moderation
This is a great time-saving feature that helps you to focus on the most important tasks.
In-app & email notifications
Notifications for responses to comments and if you're a host, for particular actions you want to monitor.
Multi-factor authentication
An additional layer of security that's available to all users.
Named participants
Conversations where participants' real names are used.
Private & public forums
Forums can be set to private only or for public viewing
Data downloads
CSV downloads of all content, sentiment and interaction data
Tiered features
Anonymous participants
Anonymity is very helpful for conversations where power differences or fear of reprisals are possible. We have strong anonymity protections.
Private messages
PMs between Hosts and participants.
Video module
Embed a pre-recorded video to kick off a town hall.
Registration surveys
Customize registration surveys to collect demographic information when people register or for in-forum polls.
Customized invitations
Tailor your invitations and reminders to your audience to maximize engagement.
Your own branding
Customize with your own logo and domain (single-tenant only)
Rich analytics exports
We'll provide you with detailed meaning and content analysis
BI platform integrations
Pull Plaetos data into your BI platform of choice for further analysis.
PlaetosEQ data vis platform
See the stories in the data with this NLP-optimized data visualisation and reporting platform.
Data imports
Import other text/conversation data and analyse through the PlaetosEQ platform.
Single sign-on
Authorize through your enterprise IAM


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have the answers. 

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We provide the Free version so you can experience Plaetos for as long as you like without the pressure of a limited time trial. Our help resources provide more information on the features included in the paid versions. 

  • What support do you provide?

    We have comprehensive online resources to support your use of Plaetos, and they are available for all customers. For simple issues you can contact us through the in-app chat. Enterprise customers can purchase an additional Premium Support package and facilitation training to support their internal host teams. 

  • How is Enterprise pricing calculated?

    Enterprise licences are priced based on the number of participants (e.g. employees), the features required (e.g. SLA, tenancy, integrations) and any add-on services. Inquiries about enterprise pricing should be directed to

More questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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