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Because the big questions need to be discussed, not just answered.


The AI-driven platform for meaningful, insightful discussion, at scale.

Asynchronous | Many:Many | AI+ Moderation | Anonymous or Named

Get your people talking in just a few days

Get your results immediately

Works with your survey data for deeper results

Unlimited participants and flexible tenancies

SaaS solution with no lengthy, costly integrations

Proof of Value in a few weeks

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Build loyalty and brand impact from real employee experience that you can’t get any other way.

Lead not lag


Proactively intervene on low employee engagement scores, emerging culture risks, project failure, compliance breach and looming reputation damage

No more guessing


Deeply understand WHY engagement scores are low, what's a "squeaky wheel", what's a systemic problem, and use the wisdom of the crowd to find solutions

An impactful leadership


Involving employees in the existential workplace issues increases engagement, improves experience and drives retention which in turn cements corporate reputation and branding

Save money


Get a better understanding of how to allocate your scarce resources smarter and more accurately — succeed better, faster

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PlaetosEQ is the human analytics engine that makes sense of the mass of conversational data from Plaetos virtual roundtables. We're now pleased to make it commercially available for all our customers.


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If you have a large workforce, want frictionless sign-on, need integrations and enterprise-grade security, you’re in the right place.


Enterprise Features

Named or anonymous Purple

Named or anonymous forums

Hold named conversations when knowing who’s contributing is important, or hold anonymous conversations when psychological safety is crucial to getting candid responses.

Private or public Purple

Private or public forums

Invite a select group of individuals, or open up the forum to your whole workforce via domain locking or by sharing an advertised URL.

AI supported Purple

AI-supported moderation

Set customizable Host Alerts for toxic language, negative sentiment, PII or anything else you need to stay on top of in your conversations.

Single tenant hosting Purple

Single tenant hosting

The extra level of control, security and dependability. Customize with your own logo and domain, if desired.

Embedded video Purple

Embedded video

Provide a powerful impetus for the text-based conversation that follows, while overcoming the limitations of video for getting useful feedback.

Unlimited participants purple

Unlimited participants

Get whole workforce coverage instead of tiny focus groups.

Single sign on purple

Single sign-on

Authorize through your enterprise IAM. Users can authenticate just once through your company's identity provider when they log in to Plaetos.

Surveys and polls purple

Surveys and polls

Customize a demographic screening questionnaire that participants answer as they register to provide valuable underlying structure for the conversational data.

BI software access purple

BI software access

Pull Plaetos data into your BI platform of choice (PowerBI, Tableau, etc.) for further analysis.

Privacy Purple-1

Data privacy

Application hosting, data storage and backups are in Microsoft Azure data centers. De-identified comment and participation data can be downloaded, and we delete it 30 days after your subscription ends.

Security Purple-1

Enterprise-grade security

Complex passwords, account lockouts and 2FA can be enforced, 256bit encryption of data in transit and at rest, ISO270001 compliant ISMS annual independent penetration testing.

Data imports purple

Data imports

Import other text or conversation data, and analyse through the PlaetosEQ platform.

Partner training purple

Partner and in-house training

Moderate the forum yourself (or in a team) using our extensive Host Guides and Knowledge Base, or outsource to the right professional services firm for the task.

Expert guidance purple

Expert guidance and premium-level support

Consultative guidance from our experts based on your applications. Enhanced customer support 24/7 via phone, email and chat to proactively assist with optimization.

Flexible tenancies purple

Flexible tenancies and licensing options

Talk to us about licence options if you have special needs.



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PlaetosEQ_logo-primary_rgb_TMThe human emotion sensemaker

For the conversational insights that simple analytics just can't provide.

(In early release)


PlaetosEQ is the AI brain that processes and makes sense of the mass of mood and sentiment data Plaetos discussions generate. 

We’re now making it easier for our customers to elevate human insights from all their otherwise latent conversational data sets by making PlaetosEQ commercially available.

PaxEQ full


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