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Insightful discussion, by design.

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Safe speech

Expose your insights, without exposing your people.

Choose between named or anonymous conversations to create a safe, fair and moderated virtual discussion - for everyone.


Anonymity is strong and multi-layered. Technical protections and contractual commitments prevent participants from being re-identified in anonymous conversations.

Feeling Different

So your tribe can discuss the big questions safely, openly and honestly.

Many : Many

People are talking to each other, and to the moderator. It's highly interactive. 

Set your virtual roundtable to be totally private or very public.


Plaetos is an asynchronous and interactive experience for your whole tribe, no matter how big it is and which time zones they’re in. 


Let participants have long-form discussions amongst themselves and with your moderator, so you can dive deeper into the rich insights that surface.

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Smarts at scale

Identify issues and explore solutions, no matter how big the discussion gets.

We take a “human in the loop” approach to AI. 


Important decisions are left in the hands of the human, but algorithms help to reduce overload and cognitive bias when handling large volumes of conversational data.


Set customizable Host Alerts to flag toxic language, Personally Identifying Information or anything else that's relevant to your topic and your tribe.

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Dive deep

AI enables human responsiveness, at a very large scale.

AI works hand-in-glove with human moderators to enable deep dives as issues are raised in the discussion.


AI means moderators can home in on individual participants' concerns to make sure those who need help get the care they need when they need it


And do it all without removing the safety screen that protects their identities in anonymous conversations.

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Privacy & Security matter

Our privacy and security protections are multi-layered: technically, contractually and commercially, to keep you safe.

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Security protections

Security protections: Security is of the highest priority. Measures we take include: complex passwords, enforceable account lockouts and 2FA, 256bit encryption of data in transit and at rest, ISO270001 compliant ISMS annual independent penetration testing. 

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Privacy protections

Privacy protections: APP and GDPR compliant. For more detail, our privacy policy includes the measures we take to ensure your and participants personal data is managed appropriately in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Anonymity protections

Anonymity protections: Technical protections like hashing, encryption and NLP authorship obfuscation, plus contractual commitments, prevent participants in anonymous conversations from being re-identified.

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Private or public forums

Private or public forums: Control exactly who can participate in your forums. Upload an email list and invite directly from within the application, circulate a URL or open it up to your whole workforce and authorize using single sign.

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Contractual commitments

Contractual commitments: Our customer contracts preclude us providing our customers with reidentified participant data. Our Privacy Policy and employment contracts also specifically require that all Plaetos Group staff keep confidential all customer data.

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Managing your data

Data privacy: Our strong security protections and data governance framework ensure no-one has access to your data who shouldn't. Application hosting, data storage and backups are in Microsoft Azure data centers (by default). Subscription customers can download de-identified comment and participation data and all data is deleted 30 days after a subscription ceases.

Want to learn more or have unique needs? Ask us for a full specifications sheet. Or visit our Plans page to check out a full list of features.

Plaetos for Enterprise

Check out our Enterprise page to learn more about Enterprise-grade security, privacy protections and other license options.


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