Plaetos for Partners

Built to extend your strategy and technology solutions

Professional services firms

Plaetos enables new, high-value, human-centered work across core business challenges:

  • Increase your win rate by introducing leading-edge technology ahead of your competitors
  • Change the game for your c-level clients, who trust you to bring them the best solutions
  • Increase your margins through 100X faster, smarter advanced human analytics solutions
  • Benefit from embedded, recurring revenue where you can grow your business within and in new sectors.
Professional Services Firms

Technology firms

Plaetos and PlaetosEQ are built to integrate with your clients’ infrastructure across a range of technologies.

  • Add value to your clients’ existing conversation and collaboration tools with data importing and sharing integrations
  • Support your client verticals with bespoke NLP models served on the PlaetosEQ ML infrastructure
  • Value-add professional services on Plaetos data insights.

Plaetos is partnered with leading global software providers, to extend our partners’ reach into new revenues

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