Deeper Qualitative Insights – No Data Silos

Powered by leading-edge AI for nuanced insight from conversation data

PlaetosEQ is our Advanced Human Analytics platform. Use its deep learning NLP models out of the box or BYO models:

  • Standard model set includes emotion, topics, sentiment, semantic search, problem/solution identification

  • Get to value fast without needing to build a data science project for your HR team

  • Easy build and serving of new NLP models for specific subject areas or use cases.

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Value-add to your existing conversation & collaboration tools

Your unstructured data is growing exponentially, and text data is a big part of this:

  • PlaetosEQ's NLP models will work with any text data 

  • Bring in social feeds and survey free text responses and easily visualise through our GUI

  • AI-analysis embedded in the Plaetos graph grows insight as the data increase across your organisation.


We play nice with your enterprise stack

With Plaetos and PlaetosEQ there are no data silos and we’re flexible for most SSO and hosting setups:

  • Multi-tenant proof of value can be up and running within days

  • Work with your preferred IT partner to get set up on your own tenancy 

  • Out-of-the-box SSO through ADFS or Okta

  • Pull demographic and organisational data from your IAM and HCM platforms for increased data insight. 

Data scientists optional

Your citizen data analysts can use Plaetos without need for data science specialists, until you are ready to dive deeper:

  • Plaetos discussion data can be explored and reported on within PlaetosEQ without need for specialist support

  • Data scientists can drive the platform through their Jupyter Notebooks and plug in your enterprise BI platform of choice

  • Analysed data can be shared with your own data warehouse and we’ll look after data privacy.


If you would like more technical information on Plaetos and PlaetosEQ or to organise an on-screen demonstration with one of our technical team, please reach out via the button below.