We make inclusion easy.

Dive deeper and get validated qualitative insights

Let your people speak so you can listen better:

  • Survey is good for scale but bad for deep insight

  • Focus groups and one-on-one interviews don’t scale

  • Plaetos gets focus group insight at a survey scale.


Create safe spaces to talk about your most important issues

Some discussions need the cover of anonymity for the truth to shine. 

  • Give your people a psychologically safe to talk together about the issues you all care about

  • Tap into your people's freely-given stories to learn what to do to shift the dial

  • Get granular, specific feedback on your game-changing issues like DE&I and wellbeing


Show your people you really care what they think, and feel

There's nothing more powerful than giving people a voice and acting on what you hear. 

  • Plaetos tells you why your people are engaged – or not

  • Find out what will make them engaged to focus your scarce resources

  • Use our inclusive communication tools to show how you've listened and responded. 


Build your organization's psychometric profile

Use the Plaetos hearts and minds data to understand, measure and track how your most important strategies are actually working.

  • Access deep human analytics about mood, sentiment, topics and concepts

  • Compare across demographic groups, divisions and over time

  • Test your culture taxonomy against the accumulating conversational datasets. 


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