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If your people were robots your digital transformation job would be done by now, but thankfully they're not.

You know you can only realize the value you've promised if your people adapt and adopt as you roll it out. 

  • Take control. Find out early the road blocks for adoption and adaptation to new digital tools. 

  • Power up your C-suite colleagues with the deep, organization-wide human insights they need to transform with you. 

  • Value-add and leverage your existing investment in chat and collaboration platforms. 

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PlaetosEQ is an NLP+graph analytics platform built for deep, real-time strategic employee insight. 

Build your organization's neurology

PlaetosEQ pools fragmented, unstructured text data sources like Slack, Teams, Webex chat and connects them to your organizational meta-data to build a bespoke culture knowledge graph. We call this your organizational neurology.

  • Alerts, recommends and maps people

  • Remove the need to build a data science project for your HR team to harness this qualitative data insight

  • Easily deploy new NLP models for specific topics or use cases or build predictive models on the graph

  • Harness cumulative insights and AI-analysis that get smarter over time

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Repeat Grid 3_3x.png

Seamless integration with your tech stack

The Plaetos Human Insights Platform is flexible and compatible, helping to remove unstructured qualitative data silos for good.

  • Start a pilot trial today and yield valuable insights within days, not months

  • Work with Plaetos or your preferred IT partner to get set up on your own public, private or hybrid cloud

  • Integrate with your HRIS to add the metadata that creates the greatest meaning and value for understanding your people.

Ready to hear what your people are already saying?

Trial Plaetos today and start seeing powerful, unprecedented results within two weeks.

We're in this together. Read our commitment to Ethical AI.
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