Reduce your demand for scarce data-science resources and power up your C-suite colleagues with deep, organization-wide human insights.

Access your Human Insights Engine

PlaetosEQ uses deep learning NLP models that work perfectly out of the box or can be customized with BYO models.

  • Unlock value 90% faster with Plaetos’ human-centric interfaces 

  • Remove the need to build a data science project for your HR team

  • Easily deploy new NLP models into specific topics or use cases

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Gain deeper insights into existing conversations

Pool fragmented, unstructured text data sources and connect them to your organizational meta-data to build a bespoke culture knowledge graph.

  • Extract nuanced insights from survey-free text responses at scale 

  • Don’t just learn what your people think and feel, but why

  • Harness cumulative insights and AI-analysis that get smarter over time

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 Seamless enterprise tech stack integration

The Plaetos Human Insights Platform is flexible and compatible, helping to remove data siloes for good in your organization.

  • Start a pilot trial today and yield valuable insights within days, not months

  • Work with your preferred IT partner to get set up on your own public, private or virtual cloud

  • Import demographic and organizational data from your IAM and HCM platforms for even deeper data insights

Data scientists optional

Plaetos is designed to get non-technical users up and running with ease, while also giving data specialists the tools to dive deeper into numbers.

  • Save 85% on the cost of data science projects for text analytics 

  • User-friendly dashboards give C-suite the ability to save, download and share results easily

  • Data scientists can drive the platform through their Jupyter Notebooks 

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Ready to hear what your people are already saying?

Trial Plaetos today and start seeing powerful, unprecedented results within two weeks.