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Next generation workforce listening for next generation leaders.

People problems are hard, not soft.
Plaetos gives you the hard data to shift the dial on your toughest people strategies, that survey can't give you. 

Build a more resilient organization

When you know your people, understand them, and can respond to them quickly and precisely, you can weather anything the internal and external environment throws at you. 

Plaetos helps People Leaders transform their culture faster so they can deliver on their DEI, retention, attraction and wellbeing goals. 

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Culture transformation

Map alignment, dive deep into the undercurrents you need to understand to make change happen faster.

  • How aligned is your current culture with your desired Values? Map them and dive deeper to understand gaps and how to fill them.

  • Get to results faster with finely tuned culture cascade messaging and target your program content when and where you need it most. 




  • The D in DE&I is only as good as your understanding of E&I.

  • But shifting the dial on DE&I won't happen unless – and until – you achieve real equality of access and opportunity. 

  • Plaetos can help you see, hear and understand where microaggressions and glass ceilings might lurk, and why. Learn More. 



  • What are your people telling you that you only hear at exit interviews and on Glassdoor?

  • Losing your people is less about cost than it is about lost opportunity. Delivery on plans is at stake.

  • Listen to what your people are already telling you about what makes them want to leave, and what makes them want to say. Learn more.



  • What are the hidden people risks that have to be understood for a clear-eyed assessment of business value opportunities like M&A, JVs?

  • Is there a dominant culture? Is it the culture we need to achieve the commercial promise? Are the cultures aligned or too opposed?

  • Use Plaetos to map, then dive deep to understand differences in divisions, job types, duration, gender and geography to see if there's a ‘marriage made in heaven’. 


Hear what your employees are already telling you needs to change

The PlaetosEQ passive listening platform aggregates and analyzes your existing enterprise chat and collaboration data. This is where hidden insights into what your people think, feel and believe, and why, live. 

Plaetos makes it easy to access those hearts and minds so you get early and deep insight, and more control over your most impactful strategies. 

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Let your people speak

The PlaetosVoice active listening platform puts your people at the center of your business. It's a powerful embodiment of your inclusive leadership aspirations. 

PlaetosVoice is an asynchronous, AI+human-facilitated discussion platform where your employees get to speak, to each other, to leaders or a facilitator in topic-focused discussions. 

We make it safe for leaders and your people to speak the truth about their real experience of:

  • DE&I

  • Wellbeing

  • Hybrid work

  • Culture change

  • Digital transformation

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How Plaetos solves real-world problems for People Leaders

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Ready to hear what your people are already saying?

Trial Plaetos today and start seeing powerful, unprecedented results within two weeks.

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