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... in the power of voice. We believe in technology.
Together they are changing the world.

Great listening helps great leaders make great decisions

The smartest decisions are made by leaders who understand how their decisions might affect the lives of the people they lead. 


And when they can hear how their decisions might affect the people they want to lead, and hear their very human stories, they make much wiser decisions. 

We’ve seen this time and again when leaders stop and tune in to the people who bear the brunt of those decisions – and when they don’t. 

They are the seers who see into the future, show the way, who upturn needless tradition, who know business-as-usual can be their quiet enemy. They want to get good things done, not just leave a legacy. 

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Diverse voices

We also know the decisions that include these different and diverse voices are far more robust because of the intelligence it brings to the table, and because of the respect it shows for those they want to come on the same journey.

Respect is real leadership. Real leaders know this in their DNA. 

We also believe there’s never been a more pressing need for great and inclusive leadership. We’re here to help leaders lead with their people, not just for them. Their operating environment, like for all of us, is too complex for monolithic leadership. 

We’re here because people of all kinds across the world need, want and deserve to be heard.


Enabling great listeners, and giving voice to great followers, is how we help change the world. 



is to create a world where people in all their diversity and difference are at the centre of decisions about how their worlds move forward. 


is to give leaders the human data they need to make truly wise decisions. 


If you share our view of the world, and love words and numbers, come work with us to build it.


We build technology to make it easy for people to discuss, debate and resolve the issues that might otherwise divide them.


We dream of a world where people can come together to work out their differences and shape a united way forward.

Where different views and experiences enrich us, rather than polarize us, and are recognized as waypoints along a shared journey to better, more inclusive, decisions.

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Our dream of getting the people important to sound decision-making together in safe, constructive dialogue is one we’ve lived for more than 20 years.

It started in the highlands of remote Papua New Guinea. We designed and ran the renegotiation of a compensation agreement between 90,000 villagers and the Ok Tedi Mining company whose copper mining activities had almost destroyed the river on which their livelihoods depended.

We went on to apply the same powerful mix of mediation principles and interest-based negotiation practice – what we called the Informed Consensus process – to community-corporate disputes throughout Australasia.


We were always aware that the high cost of these traditional analogue processes, the long time it took to get to an outcome, and the practical limits on who could participate meant they were often left until so much damage had been done that the task of repairing relationships and reputations was nigh impossible.

So, we built technology to do this.

We’ve made it possible for leaders in any and all communities; public, private – you name it – to gather their people, to discuss, listen and understand each other, so that together they can make better decisions.


Plaetos is our virtual roundtable platform for insightful discussions, at scale. PlaetosEQ – is the AI brain and sense maker of all the rich, diverse and complex humanity that Plaetos roundtables bring to the fore.

We’ve built technology that enables human decency and joint problem solving.

Now we’re going to help you put it to good use.

”There’s nothing quite as powerful as people feeling they can have impact and make a difference. when you’ve got that going for you, i think it’s a very powerful way to implement change.”

Anne Mulcahy, CEO of Xerox




Barbara brings to Plaetos a rich background in media, politics & crisis communication. She is first & foremost a strategic communicator, experienced in advising boards and C-Suite executives on preparing for, managing and recovering from reputation crises.

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Tim’s professional experience spans the social and ecological sciences, being an expert mediator and facilitator of large-scale processes as well as a trained ecologist. He’s a technophile, experimenter and builder who leads Plaetos’ product and R&D teams.

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Our strong ethical foundation is core to how we do our business and design our technology.

We understand and deeply respect the public's concerns about the creeping erosion of their privacy through technology, and have built privacy protections into everything we do. 

In Plaetos, what is given privately stays private. What is said anonymously stays anonymous. We don’t sell your data – ever.


The Plaetos team brings together an exceptional group of AI engineers, data scientists, development engineers, sales executives and communicators. The shingle may say Melbourne, Australia, but we are global citizens who work from all over the world.

If you’re a talented engineer, data scientist, digital marketer or UI/UX designer wanting to work with an innovative company with a strong social purpose, register your interest below.

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