Give your people a true voice

Understand and measure Employee Experience and drive organisational change with Plaetos pulse forums and advanced human analytics. 


Your people make – or break – your business

The Plaetos™ deep discussion platform lets your people speak – safely, productively – in large-scale, topic-focused asynchronous discussions. 


Use Plaetos discussions to:


Retain Talent

Are your people leaving because of the same problems? What’s a ‘squeaky wheel’, what’s a systemic issue? Find out and change before they leave, and be spared the 2.5X salary replacement cost. 


Support Wellbeing

How are your people faring in tough times? Ask them in a psychologically safe, and data validated, environment. Stop guessing how you can support them. Show your responsiveness to their needs. 


Transform Culture

With new operating models demanded, find out where and why there are people roadblocks, crowd-source solutions and get the culture you need to fire-up results. 


Lead Better (IE&D)

Show your respect, your desire to hear from all voices. Because organisations that put people first and recognize fundamental human needs through work will unlock people’s full potential – and business performance as a result.


How is Plaetos different?

Plaetos is like a giant focus group. It scales human stories. 

Here's how you get rich feedback at survey-sized scale:

Inclusive: asynchronous discussions give people time to think and interact.

Deep Dives: Plaetos forums run over a few days. AI-enabled facilitators probe within the discussion to surface more stories & insights.

Hearts & Minds: Plaetos is wired up to detect emotion, sentiment and meaning so you can know how strongly people feel and think about topics, concepts and entities. 


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Features and options



How it Works

Setting up a Plaetos forum is (almost) as easy as sending out a pulse survey.

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Decide your deep dive topic. Set up your forum. Invite your people in.

Website 2-1


Let your people speak in 2-5 day events.

Website 3-1


Explore the data and build your report.

Website 4-1


Roll out your strategy and program changes, and measure the results.


Fuelled by engagement, led by AI

Plaetos™ helps your organization drive real change by providing you with a scalable, qualitative research tool. It is ensuring an engaging and inclusive discussion, while keeping you productive and insightful, all thanks to it being:

Network Plaetos Purple Red
✓ Asynchronous
✓ Anonymous when needed
✓ Strong AI-assisted moderation
✓ Scalable
✓ Fully interactive
✓ Safe & secure


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Plaetos for Enterprise

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In our customers’ words

Quote 1 Purple
“I was astonished by the depth the stories gave us. It helps enormously with prioritising what we do next.”
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
G8 University
Quote 1 Purple
“The platform offered an amazing way to engage an international audience in a deep discussion on policy priorities to tackle the health impacts of climate change.”
Executive Director
Climate & Health Alliance
Quote 1 Purple
“It triggered a whole lot of activity on wellbeing. We could’ve spent [and wasted] a couple of million dollars on programs that nobody wanted.”
People, Performance & Culture Director
Global consulting firm

In our participants’ words

Quote 2 Purple
“I have no idea what the outcomes are going to be from this experiment but I think this was a brilliant initiative nonetheless.”
Forum participant
Quote 2 Purple
“Reading all these comments I can't help feeling optimistic that things will change...”
Forum participant
Quote 2 Purple
“Reading these messages inspires me to hope for a better institution with a better working culture.”
Forum Participant

How others use Plaetos

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